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Walk and Talk Therapy
in Nashville, TN


Not everybody is great at talking to a counselor. In fact, for some people, the very thought of coming into an office to meet with a stranger and talk about their struggles feels too uncomfortable. Sadly, this is a major reason many people don’t follow through with getting the help they need.

Replenish Counseling in Nashville, TN works to help meet the individualized needs of the individuals that are served in counseling sessions. One of the unique ways that our counselors do this is through Walk and Talk Therapy.

Walk and Talk Therapy is becoming a more and more popular form of counseling, outside of the traditional therapy office space.

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Walk and Talk Therapy For Adults

Those that struggle with anxiety often find that much of their anxiety presents itself through constant leg shaking, fidgety hands, inability to sit still, and difficulty focusing. These physical responses in the body are heightened when that anxious person is also asked to sit on a couch for 50 minutes and talk about their struggles.

The problem is that the brain is in a protective state called fight or flight; which results in not being able to think as logically, have perspective, or pay attention- necessary skills for traditional office counseling sessions.

When Walk and Talk Therapy is integrated into a therapeutic approach for those that struggle with anxiety, they are able to funnel that anxious energy into movement. Through movement, fresh air, sunlight, and open space- that anxious individual has the potential to feel a lot more comfortable and safe during their counseling appointment. This allows their brain to potentially not go into fight or flight- thus give them more ability to draw from logic, perspective, and clarity.

On top of these benefits, the counselors at Replenish Counseling are trained in mindfulness based approaches. Doing Walk and Talk Therapy at one of the beautiful parks and green ways in Nashville, TN gives clients the opportunity to practice bringing awareness back to their present moment, rather than living in the future-focused fears that attribute to their panic and anxiety.

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Walk and Talk Therapy for Teens

Walk and Talk Therapy, Brentwood, TN, Replenish Her Counseling

Have you ever noticed that your teen opens up to you the most when you are on a car ride?

This is often because they doesn’t feel as trapped and forced to talk about things when they know there is a predictable destination you are headed to and that the conversation will end. It creates a safe container for them to practice opening up, while still having a semblance of control.

The same benefits exist for teens that are listed above for anxious adults; however, there is an added benefit to doing Walk and Talk therapy with teens, in that the movement and break away from traditional therapy, creates an atmosphere for more trust and rapport to be built.

How does Walk and Talk Therapy work?

Walk and Talk therapy sessions can be incorporated as much or as little as a client feels necessary inside their work with a counselor.

This may look like weekly 50 minute counseling sessions at an agreed upon location, or a one-time counseling session away from the office to work through and explore issues in a different way.

Clients meet their counselor at the agreed upon location and begin their leisurely walk for the duration of their counseling appointment – often the standard 50 minute session.

When weather gets in the way, appointments are able to be easily moved back to Replenish Counseling’s office in Brentwood, TN.

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Is Walk and Talk Therapy a good fit for me?

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An intake at Replenish Counseling’s office in Brentwood, TN is required before beginning Walk and Talk therapy appointments. Often your counselor will want to meet with you a few times in the office setting to establish a thorough understanding of your unique situation, prior to agreeing upon adding this type of service to your counseling sessions.

For a variety of reasons, sometimes Walk and Talk Therapy sessions are not a good fit for clients. Our Counselors at Replenish Counseling are happy to speak with you over the phone about any concerns or questions you might have about Walk and Talk Therapy.

Often times, clients have concerns about running into someone they know when doing a Walk and Talk Counseling sessions. Prior to beginning this approach, your Counselor will talk through this scenario with you, and jointly come up with a plan on how to handle this situation – should it arise. Your counselor will continue to uphold your confidentiality and not tell anyone the nature of your relationship or counseling process. A form is required to sign prior to beginning Walk and Talk Therapy that discusses confidentiality and the risks a client takes in doing therapy sessions in a public area.

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