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Helping burnt-out first responders find balance and health, even in the midst of work that feels thankless at times.

You started out your career with ambition and vigor to make a change. But found that after a few years, your passion for your job has turned into a toxic relationship. 

You feel really isolated and alone. Your friends and family don’t know what it is like to work as a first responder, and you don’t want to burden them with all that you’re carrying. 

Your work day is filled with a strange blend of adrenaline rushes and plummeting exhaustion. Some days you come home from work, and the only way to calm your nervous system down is to numb out while binge watching shows or drinking. 

You feel it is your responsibility to fix these problems on your own. But everything that you try doesn’t seem to work, and you are finding that your relationship to your spouse, your kids, your loved ones, is becoming more and more strained. 

You long to find a way to do your job in a way that no longer has such an impact on your life. 

You miss sleeping through the night; being fully present for your family and friends; having energy; feeling at peace when you are home.

We see you, and we want to help.

Many of our clients reach out not fully knowing what they need, but know that they can’t keep doing what they’re doing. 

Maybe a spouse encouraged you to get help. You might find yourself irritable and lashing out to others without understanding why. 

You’ve noticed that it’s harder than it used to be, recovering after a hard shift or difficult call. Stress has built up over time, and you don’t know how to let it out. 

You feel like all the pressure is on you to do everything and when you make a mistake, you are judged harshly for it. You don’t want to share the things you are carrying with your friends or family, but you are starting to crumble under the weight. 

We want you to know that life does not have to be this way. 

You can be a loving spouse, a caring parent, a compassionate friend, a motivated employee, and a fulfilled person. 

When you choose to work with us, we will help you navigate your way back to feeling like yourself again. 

We have experience working with first responders and their partners. We strive to help you not just find healthy ways to decompress and be present with your loved ones, but also to feel confident in the direction your life is taking. 

Take back your life today.

How we Help

Our therapists use multiple evidenced based approaches that are rooted in helping individuals better identify emotional experiences and no longer feel stuck. 

We use these therapy approaches to help you better articulate and process the things you’ve witnessed and how it’s impacted your personal life. 

Our hope in working with you is that you will soon feel better equipped to navigate the many challenges of work, while also maintaining your own identity and life outside of your job.

You are more than just a police officer. 

A nurse. 

A firefighter. 

An EMT. 

We know asking for help is incredibly hard, as you are so used to being the one helping others. 

But we truly hope you will reach out and start the process of taking your life back again. 

We care because we've been there.

ReplenishFirst, First Responders Therapy, Brentwood, TN

When our founder, Christine Finnegan, started Replenish Counseling, her husband, Ryan, was working for Metro Police. Ryan went back to school to become a counselor after their first daughter was born and they realized just how much policing was taking from their family.

Ryan retired from 12 years of policing in 2021 and has been working as a counselor at Replenish Counseling since then. He specializes in helping first responders through individual work, as well as first responder couples. 

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