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Parenting Support
for Parents of Teens in the NASHVILLE TN area

Parenting teens is not for the faint of heart.

Your friends made jokes when your kids were little about “holding your breath” once your child became a teenager. You knew it would be hard. But you didn’t know it would be this hard.

You feel lost. No step of parenting has been easy, but this season feels more out of control than any season prior. You feel like over night your relationship with your child went from being close and open, to a constant storm of tears and distance. 

You just want your child to know that you’re here. That you want to support them and make sure that they are safe. But they keep pushing you away. You feel like nothing you say is right anymore. 

You have a list a mile long of books you intend to read on parenting teens, but the few free moments you have to read a book, you just feel too tired, too rundown to read something that feels so raw and close to home. 


At Replenish Counseling, we strive to hold space for parents of adolescents to not just process the difficulties of this season, but to help create a guiding light for parents to find a path forward. 

You are not meant to hold all of this alone. It is ok to give voice to where you feel lost, where you feel angry, and where you feel hurt by the words and behaviors your teen makes.

We promise to not tell you who you need to be as a parent. That is not our role. 

Our role is to help you get down to what matters important—having a relationship that can withstand this season and successfully transition into an adult relationship when your teen emerges out adolescence.  

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3 Reasons Parenting Support Can Help

1. Neutral space.

The counseling spaces takes you outside of the heat of the moment, and can help you tease out what you desire to instill in your child (your values) and what is not worth the fight and damage to your relationship.

2. Communication.

We are experts at treating teens. So, we have a few tips and tricks that help you find new ways to communicate more effectively.

3. Self-Awareness

One of the hardest components to parenting a teen, is knowing what you were like as a teen yourself. You know how dangerous and impulsive teens can be. But, because of this history, it can sometimes cause our emotions to be extra big and reactive when we feel our child is walking down a path, we are all too familiar with.

Our clinical approach to Parenting support is rooted in an attachment-based philosophy. We view the security of relationships as the most important factor in creating lasting outcomes for our clients and families. We do not try to prevent disagreements or big emotions from ever happening- these are a natural and important part of being human. We place the value and emphasis on helping individuals move through that distress and find the way back to each other.

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