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Group Therapy through Cooperative Role-Playing games (RPGs)

Providing role playing campaigns that are tailored to the age group and therapeutic goals and needs of the participants.No prior role play experience needed! 

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What is role playing?

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Story telling is one of the most powerful ways to help any individual– adult, child, or teenager – understand new concepts and more importantly, begin to integrate though concepts into opportunities for self-exploration and growth.

Our group therapist creates a story line that each of our group therapy participants get to actively participate in where that storyline goes. This participation is what is called role playing. 

For some, role playing is coming up with ideas, asking questions, and making decisions about the direction they would like the storyline to take.

It DOES NOT mean the person has to use a different voice, use acting techniques, or even wear costumes although that is welcomed and supported if a participant chooses to participate this way.

Your group therapist will take you through a process of learning how to role play through games and communication tools that help make sure everyone feels supported and is having fun!

Next 8 week series starts August 12th

role play therapeutic groups 

What is a campaign?

Think of a campaign like you would a mission.

Each of our therapeutic groups have different missions based on the age demographic and personalized therapeutic needs of that group.

In our child and teen based campaigns, we seek to help provide an imaginative storyline that encourages the participant to practice being more confident and begin navigating relationship skills- i.e. taking turns, compromising with others, navigating big emotions, staying engaged even when the other group participants don’t follow their idea. etc.

In our adult based campaigns, we seek to deepen the participants interpersonal skills, discover playful parts of themselves, and practice showing up in a social space with greater confidence. 

The campaign storyline is filled with characters, places, and problems that are developmentally appropriate to the age group, and purposefully created to evoke the practice of the social, emotional, and relational skills.

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Group Enrollment is Open

enrollment will close July 26th

role play therapeutic groups 

What makes this therapy?

If you have participated in Role Playing Games before, you have likely experienced some of the therapeutic elements mentioned. So, what makes this different? What makes this therapy?

  • The group leader is a licensed therapist with years of experience
  • Individualized goals for each participant
  • 1:1 group intake assessment before joining group to identify goals
  • 1:1 check ins with participant and/or guardian to discuss goals and needs
  • Group leader collaboration with participants individual therapist (if participant has one)
  • Feedback and/or recommendations for additional community mental health resources if needed
In addition, the group leader has training from organizations including Geek Therapeutics for using Role Playing Games and other geeky approaches in therapy. 

This group is for those struggling with:

Group Participants level up these skills:

Meet the Group Leader & Therapy Game Master 

Hi my name is Vanessa and I am a Therapeutic Game Master (yes, it’s a real thing!) and I have spent the last 15 years working inside mental health, and finding creative and expressive ways to meet therapeutic needs.

I am so HAPPY you landed on this page.

Therapy can be intimidating to our younger teens. They don’t necessarily have all the words and confidence to sit through traditional talk therapy, but sometimes feel that play therapy can be too kiddie for them.

Role Playing games, like Dungeons and Dragons, helps connect with teens in an imaginative and playful way, but also helps teens access deep feelings and truths that emerge through their character.  

I love seeing the ways teens grow inside of this group, and would love to have your child or teen join our next cohort that is starting soon.

If you are an adult interested in joining our virtual adult group, I would love to see you join!

While it may seem that this therapy approach makes sense only for children and adolescents, there is also real therapeutic value in this non-traditional approach to therapy for adults. Come let yourself play and grow yourself along the way.

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