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Hello I’m Christine Finnegan. Welcome to ReplenishHER, counseling and psychotherapy in the Nashville TN area. I am a therapist here as well as the founder of ReplenishHER. It is my goal, with both my professional experience, supportive and warm relational style, to provide the best counseling and psychotherapy services in the Nashville-Davidson area.

You have arrived at this website for a reason. You might be in a state of confusion, hurt or pain. Please understand you’re not alone. Many people struggle with problems and issues and are hurting and in distress. Getting assistance from a counselor can really help you through this time.

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Counseling Issues People Commonly Seek Help With:


Depression is an actual medical condition. It occurs when intense sadness, including feeling helpless, worthless and hopeless, which lasts for two weeks or more, prevents you from living your life.  It is a common but serious mood disorder.

  • Statistics show that Women aged 25 to 44 develop depression most frequently.
  • The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), an expert on the subject of mental health issues, states that women, during their lifetime, are apt to experience depression 70 percent more often than men.
  • Roughly 1 out of 8 women in the United States experience clinical depression during their lifetime.
Christine's Office, Replenish Her Office, Nashville, TN
Christine's Office, Replenish Her Office, Nashville, TN


Post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is a serious mental condition that can affect every type of person. PTSD is a disorder that develops in some people who have experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous event. PTSD disturbs a person’s natural fight-or-flight response and sets off extreme stress and anxiety, even when there is no danger present. Unfortunately, PTSD is common among those who suffered child abuse and also veterans. It can also occur after:

  • Car accidents
  • Train wrecks
  • Muggings
  • Plane crashes
  • Kidnapping
  • Rape
  • Torture
  • Natural disasters
  • Bombings

What are the signs and symptoms of PTSD?

Depending of the person PTSD can present very different symptoms. Symptoms can take time to develop and don’t usually follow a pattern. Often, when things or situations remind the person of the experience, the person can relive the event as in their head just like it was happening all over again.

Some symptoms that can occur include:

  • Nightmares
  • Reliving the trauma or flashbacks, which can include sweating or a racing heart
  • Upsetting thoughts

Avoidance symptoms can also occur, like:

  • Feeling emotionally numb
  • Lack of interest in usual activities
  • Feeling guilt, or experiencing anxiety or depression
  • Blocking out memories of the experience or event
  • Avoiding events, places, objects, or activities, which remind them of the experience

Symptoms that are considered Hyperarousal symptoms can include:

  • Feeling excessively tense
  • Being easily startled
  • Angry outbursts
  • Problems sleeping
  • Frustration and stress
  • Difficulty eating or focusing

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Nashville Counseling – Help is Available

Counseling for Women Office Plant, Nashville, TN, Replenish Her Counseling

Sadly people frequently suffer for years with problems without getting any help. However help and change exists so you really can have a better life. Don’t struggle alone I am here to help you. I do wish for you to get the information, help, motivation, or care you are looking for. Let’s begin right now.

ReplenishHER offers counseling for women and teenage girls in the greater Nashville area. Our office is conveniently located in Brentwood TN. We also offer life transitions therapy.

When you are ready, please call so I can help you.

COVID Policies

We are happy to be providing both in-office sessions, at our Cool Springs Location, as well as virtual therapy options, through our secure platform.

Our Telehealth Counseling Sessions are offered through a safe and confidential link, that is easy to access and navigate.

We also check in with you before your first appointment, to ensure we are meeting your own personalized needs in regards to covid safety. 

You have the choice to meet with your clinician in person, masked or unmasked, or via telehealth. 

**Keep in mind some specific clinicians may require masked sessions or exclusively telehealth. You may ask our intake coordinator about this during your intake call. 

Each of our clinical offices has a HEPA filtration system in place. Our clinicians are all vaccinated and we are constantly keeping up to date on the best practices of Covid protection.

We place an importance on monitoring Covid safety, while also meeting our clients from their own individualized feelings and needs related to Covid precautions. 

Counseling for Women in Nashville, TN Area

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