Group Therapy For
Middle School Boys

IN Brentwood, TN

For middle school aged boys that are struggling to cope with anxiety and needing a space to develop coping-tools that work.

Supportive Brentwood Teen boysGroup Therapy

While our practice is dedicated to the empowerment of women and teen girls, we felt called to start a group specifically for teen boys, after witnessing the lack of resources in our community. 

Different from girls, boys tend to hold their feelings inside and isolate from others. They struggle to give these experiences a voice because of feeling embarrassed and ashamed. 

This group therapy space is one where your child will feel comfortable and at ease in discussing their struggles. Our facilitator is experienced in helping cultivate an atmosphere that is fun and approachable. We utilize games, art, and music to help open the door to discussion in a way that feels natural. 

Each week group members will participate in activities that are fun and relatable, but will also be individualized and specific in helping create expression of feelings as well as learning what to do with those feelings.

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Next Group series starts the week of August 15th

Middle School Boys’ Process Group
will help your teen:

Kelsey Cardin Group Therapy Leader

Hi my name is Kelsey and I am so HAPPY you landed on this page!

After working first hand with middle school boys’ as a school counselor, I knew that I desired to create a group space that helped boys not only learn new and effective skills, but also connect, share, and grow with their peers.

Your teen might feel nervous to start group therapy. This is common and I feel confident in my ability to help new members move through those fears, and begin to look forward to the support and encouragement that they come to find in my group space. 

Still on the fence? Reach out to us and we can talk through any worries and concerns you have about group being the right fit for your teen.


Enrollment Opens July 24th

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