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Meet the Team

Brentwood, TN Counselors

Replenish Counseling is a team of highly creative, compassionate, and trauma-informed therapists who specialize in working with adults and adolescents of all genders, and their families.

Our Values







Self Improvement


Our Counselors

Our counselors are kind, funny, and down-to-earth. We strive to make the counseling experience feel inviting and comforting. That is why our offices feel like living rooms; and why we encourage the use of blankets, coffee and herbal teas to sip on during your therapy session.

Seeing a therapist is a vulnerable decision, and we believe that our environment plays a big role in helping set the warm tone that helps you feel more able to open up and receive the support you are needing.

Team Photo, Replenish Her Counseling, Brentwood, TN

Our Therapeutic Approach

The foundation of our clinical work is rooted in an attachment-based philosophy. However, our counselors pull from numerous other modalities to help meet your individual needs.

Our Counselors are trained in:

While that is a lot of therapy mumbo-jumbo, the important thing for you to know is that we are highly equipped to approach your struggles and needs in an effective and personalized way.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Hi, I’m Christine

I help women who feel lost in who they are deepen their relationship with themselves so that they can start fully living.

Currently not accepting new clients

Christine Finnegan, LPC-MHSP, NCC, MT-BC

Owner & Clinical Director
now accepting new clients

Vanessa Davis, LPC-MHSP, ACS, MT-BC

Clinical Supervisor & Licensed Professional Counselor

Hi, I’m Vanessa

I help women, teen girls, and individuals that struggle with feeling like they don’t fit in, learn to embrace themselves fully and grow authentic and meaningful relationships with others.

Hi, I’m Laurel

I provide Individual Art Therapy Sessions for individuals and teens to learn new ways to express themselves and deepen their relationships with others.

Now Accepting new clients

Laurel Haskamp, MAT-ATR

Intake Coordinator & Art Therapist
NOW accepting new clients

Ryan Finnegan, MA

Finance Director & Pre-Licensed Counselor
under the supervision of Rachael Tanner-Smith LPC-MHSP #2274

Hi, I’m Ryan

I help couples, parents and men get unstuck from harmful relationship patterns so that they can begin to create a clear path forward toward healthier and more meaningful relationships.

Hi, I’m Anslie

I help teens and young adults that are struggling to understand who they are as an individual make space for themselves so that they can exist fully and authentically.

now accepting new clients

Anslie Ruckman, MMFT

(she/her/hers & they/them/theirs)
Office Manager & Marriage and Family Therapist under Supervision 
Supervisor: Cadey Phipps, LMFT (TN#1348)

Meet Our Clinicians

Now Accepting new clients

Elizabeth Pike, MMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist under Supervision
SUPERVISOR: Jen Maynard, LMFT (TN#1569)

Hi, I’m Elizabeth

I help individual teens, women, couples, and families that struggle with anxiety, disconnection, grief, perfectionism, and shame work toward understanding themselves better so that they can grow in relationship with self and others.

Hi, I’m Dominique

I help teens and young women who feel alone, disconnected, and anxious navigate the seasons of life while moving into a place of self-acceptance.

Now Accepting new clients

Dominique Welshans, M.A.

M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy, Under Supervision
SUPERVISOR: Alicia Lowry-Lewis, LMFT (TN#1120)
Now Accepting new clients

Christina Cummings

Pre-Licensed Professional Counselor
under the supervision of Vanessa Davis LPC-MHSP #3526

Hi, I’m Christina

I help depressed pre-teens and teens learn effective coping strategies to help them achieve confidence in themselves and their future.

Hi, I’m Amanda-Jo

 I help teens and women who feel lost in who they are, discover what it is like to feel confident and not defined by their circumstances.

Now Accepting new clients

Amanda-Jo Serrano, M.Ed

under the supervision of Kim Street LPC-MHSP #2134
Now Accepting New Clients

Hannah Grisham, M. Ed.

Pre-Licensed Professional Counselor
under supervision of kim street lpc-mhsp #2134

Hi, I’m Hannah

I help anxious and depressed children, teens, and adults heal from past traumas and deepen their level of closeness to loved ones.

Meet Our Graduate Interns

Hi, I’m Irene

I help teens and young adults find their inner strength in order to overcome life’s challenges.
Now Accepting new clients


Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern
currently not Accepting new clients

Katie Moran, Student at Vanderbilt University

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern

Hi, I’m Katie

I work with teens and young women going through life transitions to find their way through challenges and create self-compassion and self-confidence.

Hi, I’m Avery

I help student athletes and teens that struggle with anxiety learn to cope so that they can face their struggles with confidence and determination.

currently not Accepting new clients

Avery Shirley, Student at Auburn University

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern
now accepting new clients

Autumn Garr, Student at Trevecca University

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern

Hi, I’m Autumn

I help teens and young adult women feel empowered to conquer life’s obstacles.

Replenish Counseling’s Therapy Dog

Replenish Counseling’s Therapy Dog

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