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Frequently Asked Questions

Replenish Her Counseling Waiting Room, Nashville, TN
We are an out-of-network provider. This means that you pay us directly for services, and we provide you with a superbill receipt that you may submit to your insurance company to potentially receive reimbursement. Please note that is solely up to you to call your insurance company prior to starting therapy and clarifying what you specifically need in order to receive reimbursement. While we strive to support our clients in collecting insurance reimbursement, we cannot guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse you for our services. Important things to clarify when calling your insurance:
  1. Do I have a deductible I must first meet before I am able to start receiving reimbursement?
  2. Can I see a pre-licensed or provisionally licensed clinician to receive reimbursement? Or do they need to be fully licensed?
  3. Is there a specific form I need to complete for reimbursement, if so, where can that be found?
  4. What codes do I need on my superbill to receive reimbursement?

Individual/Family/Couples Counseling Rate = $160 per 50-minute counseling session with our Masters Level Clinicians. 

Individual/Family/Couples Counseling Rate = $80 per 50-minute counseling session with our Graduate Counseling Interns. 

Group Therapy Rate = $60 per 90-minute group counseling session.

We believe that mental health treatment should be available to everyone, no matter what their religious, cultural, sexual, or gender identity entails. We are committed to meeting our clients where they are at, and using what is of most value and importance to them in order to support their therapy.

If having a Christian based approach is important to you, we encourage you to let us know that and we can point you in the right direction of other practices that are trained and certified in providing official Christian based counseling.

If you are yearning to have a therapist that holds similar values to you or your teen, for example is a Christian and also a counselor, we do have clinicians at Replenish Counseling that can meet that need. Please let our intake coordinator know that this is important to you and we will make that a priority when matching you with a provider.

When Replenish Counseling started (as Replenish Her Counseling), it was a solo practitioner whose primary focus was women’s issues. While we have always seen people of all genders, and always been fully LGBTQIA+ affirming, the original mission was focused primarily on women.

As we have grown, we have been able to widen our scope. The need for counselors focused and educated in women’s issues has not changed, however we are also able to provide specialized services for males, couples, families, and gender-expansive individuals

All are welcome at Replenish Counseling. We are LGBTQIA+ affirming. We believe that mental health treatment and support should be available to all- with the perspective that everyone we work with and support perpetuates our overall mission and goal to improve mental health in our communities.

First, it’s important for you to know that we place an emphasis on the relationship we create with the parents and caregivers of our teens. This is why before we ever meet with your teen (15 years old or younger), we do a full session with just the Parent/Caregiver and Teen Therapist. Inside this session we review your child’s entire history. We want to understand any developmental, social, mental, cultural, or relational histories that impact the issues that your teen is presenting with today. We want to know what you have tried in the past, and fully understand what has been successful and not successful in intervening. It’s important that we spend some time reviewing expectations around what therapy looks like for teens. We review the importance of consistency in scheduling, and spending time creating the rapport and trust that is essential for our clinicians to intervene. We review what communication is going to look like outside of therapy. When we will come to you about high-risk factors, and what sorts of things we place an emphasis on remaining confidential between the teen and therapist- in order to create a sense of trust and safety for your teen. We also want to make sure we fully understand the needs of our parents, and offer support to you while you are walking the difficult path of raising an adolescent. At the end of our intake process, you and the Teen Clinician will make a plan in regards to goals and outcomes you hope to achieve throughout the therapy process, as well as when you will be checking back in together to review any progress and updates.
In the state of Tennessee, 16-year-old clients and older and considered adults in regards to their ability to consent or not consent to therapy and confidentiality. For that reason, we must be given consent by our 16-year-old and older clients around what communication looks like with parents and caregivers. We find that by doing the intake session joint, we are able to address this dynamic from the very beginning and clarify what communication needs to look like.

We are happy to be providing both in-office sessions, at our Cool Springs Location, as well as virtual therapy options, through our secure platform.

Our Telehealth Counseling Sessions are offered through a safe and confidential link, that is easy to access and navigate.

We also check in with you before your first appointment, to ensure we are meeting your own personalized needs in regards to covid safety. 

You have the choice to meet with your clinician in person, masked or unmasked, or via telehealth. 

**Keep in mind some specific clinicians may require masked sessions or exclusively telehealth. You may ask our intake coordinator about this during your intake call. 

Each of our clinical offices has a HEPA filtration system in place. Our clinicians are all vaccinated and we are constantly keeping up to date on the best practices of Covid protection.

We place an importance on monitoring Covid safety, while also meeting our clients from their own individualized feelings and needs related to Covid precautions.

We have a HIPPA compliant telehealth system called Jane.

If using your phone or Ipad for a telehealth session, you will need to download the app prior to your scheduled appointment. 

If using your computer, you will just need to use the custom link sent to you via email and/or text to start your counseling appointment. 

If you are having any issues with the telehealth system, reach out to your provider!

Sadly no. 

By law we are required to only treat individuals that are physically present in the state of TN. This means that even clients that are being seen virtually, still have to be physically present in the state of TN in order to be able to receive counseling care. 

First of all, we take any concerns very seriously and we are sorry to hear that you are concerned about something. 

It’s important that we fully investigate this issue and find a way to find resolution through either better communication/collaboration with the therapist, adding alternate services to better address the issue, or finding a different therapist that is a better match for your individualized needs. 

To start this process, please reach out to the Owner, Christine Finnegan, at This is a confidential, HIPAA-compliant email that goes directly to our practice owner, Christine Finnegan. She will respond within 2 business days. 

Please direct any billing questions or questions regarding superbill receipts directly to your assigned Replenish Counseling clinician. If that clinician is unable to answer your question, they will escalate the question to the Finance Director, Ryan Finnegan, to get the issue resolved for you. 

The counseling process looks very different for each individual based on a number of factors: client motivation for change, rapport and trust between client and therapist, severity of presenting symptoms, longevity of symptoms, support systems outside of counseling etc. 

We ask that you give at least 4-6 sessions with your clinician before making a judgment around counseling being effective, as it can take time to develop a trusting relationship and begin identifying the areas of work the client wishes to address. This is especially true for adolescent and child therapy, as the rapport and trust building stage can take even longer. 

Consistency is key in establishing this foundation. 

We do not prescribe medications at our practice but we do work collaboratively with med providers. 

If your clinician believes that med management may be an additional resource to support your therapeutic goals, they will discuss this directly with you. We view this topic as a collaborative one, that is ultimately up to the client to make decision.  We are fully supportive and respectful around client’s feelings towards meds.

Yes! We believe that group is a powerful tool to help clients get even more results in their therapeutic work.

Read more about our Adult Groups and Adolescent Groups.

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