Family Therapy

You long to have a home life that is not filled with constant arguments and disagreements.

You worry that the next 10 years is just going to be filled with misery and then your child will move out and you’ll never get this time back again. 

You have read countless books, had sleepless nights, and are at a loss in how to find your way back to a happy and connected family. 


Common Reasons to Seek Family Therapy

3 Simple Steps to Get Started


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Complete screening call with Laurel, our intake coordinator. 


Start Counseling!

At Replenish Counseling, we view the family dynamic as a critical and key component to improving mental health; especially as it relates to adolescent development. 

Family Therapy can be such a scary endeavor to begin. All you are used to is your family screaming at each other, or a lack of communication at all. The silence and separation from each other can feel paralyzing; so, the thought of coming into a room to talk about the very thing you struggle with the most, feels impossible. 

Our Family Therapists work to provide an atmosphere and structure to family therapy, so that the time spent is intentional and a meaningful use of time. 

We do not spend hours letting the family therapy time be spent by pointing fingers at each other, or arguing about content. If those tactics worked at home, family therapy wouldn’t be necessary. 

Instead, we use a researched and evidence-based framework to ensure that the time spent inside family therapy is both meaningful and impactful. Our therapists are trained or informed in utilizing Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT).

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Whether this is the first time you have visited our page or the twentieth time, we are here to support you when you’re ready.

Take the first step by reaching out to us today through the contact form on our contact page or by scheduling a time to get your personal questions answered by our intake coordinator.

Family Therapy in Brentwood andNashville, TN

Getting back to what matters most so you don’t lose any more precious time feeling connected to your family.
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