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Drum Circle Workshops

Using therapeutic drumming to increase overall mental health wellness.

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Next Workshop Event: June 17th

Topic: Replenish Workshop for Nurses, Therapists, and Healthcare Providers

Goal: Combating the heaviness and trauma of healthcare professionals, by bringing play and connectedness through a shared group drumming experience.

This workshop is for Nurses, Therapists, Counselors and Healthcare Providers inside our community.

I know what you might be thinking, you’re either in one of these two camps. 

Camp A

SIGN ME UP! I am so ready to bang the shit out of a drum and get all of this pent-up rage and anxiety out of my body. 

Camp B

Absolutely NOT! I am not musical and there is no way in hell you will be getting me into a room and hitting a drum around other people.

Sometimes in order to achieve the goals we desire in regards to our mental health, we have to be open to shaking things up; trying new and creative tools you could never have imagined yourself exploring.

How Group Drumming Works:

What to Expect:

Why am I doing this?

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