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Children’s Therapy

You have tried countless ways to help your child work through their current issue, and yet you feel stuck and unequipped with how to help them move forward.

It’s hard to reach out for help, because everything up until this point in your child’s life you have been able to handle yourself. Having to seek therapy, pulls up your own struggles with feelings of failure. 

But you haven’t failed. 

Your role is to take action and advocate for your child when they are in distress. 

It is not your responsibility to be the expert and counselor for your child as well. 

At Replenish Counseling, we work with children 7 years of age and older to help them work through difficult life events, emotional distress, and difficulty inside the family. 

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Common Reasons to Seek Children’s Therapy

Making the decision to start therapy for your child is a big decision. 
We hope to support and comfort you in that decision by making the process simple. 

3 Simple Steps to Get Started


Schedule a phone call or complete a contact form.


Complete screening call with Laurel, our intake coordinator. 


Start Counseling!

Our clinical approach to children’s therapy helps your child to:

Therapy for Children, Nashville, TN, Replenish Her Counseling

Our therapists that work with children use an expressive therapies based approach, including the use of art, movement, and music to help better communicate and express feelings. 

If you would like to learn more about children’s therapy at Replenish Counseling, we encourage you to click the “skip the phone tag” button, below, or complete a contact form. 

Whether this is the first time you have visited our page or the twentieth time, we are here to support you when you’re ready.

Take the first step by reaching out to us today through the contact form on our contact page or by scheduling a time to get your personal questions answered by our intake coordinator.

Child Therapy in Nashville and Brentwood, TN

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